Partnership Working

The partners:


Kainuun Vocational College


Operating since 2003, mainly in Kainuu and Koillismaa regions in Eastern Finland, Kainuun vocational college offers a rich environment with opportunities for intensive study in both comprehending and playing music. Other programmes in the culture sector which can participate in this project e.g. audio visual design and photography.

The College provides vocational training for young people and adults in Social and Health Care, Culture, Business and Administration, Land Based Industries, Tourism and Catering and Technology.

Currently in Kainuu Vocational College there are 2 500 young and adult students studying for a vocational upper secondary qualification, 800 students in other adult education and 300 students on the average in apprenticeship training.  Number of staff is about 430. 

The College operates under the ISO 9001 Quality System. In November 2014 the College was awarded the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Award by Finnish National Board of Education.

 Since the beginning our aim has been to offer our music students possibilities for international experiences through mobilities and projects.


North West Regional College (NWRC)


NWRC is a college of further and higher education in Northern Ireland's second largest city. A total of 24,000 full time and part time students partake in a wide range of courses within Business Services and General Education, Science and Technology, Media, Multi-Media and The Arts, Craft Services, Early Years, Children and Young People, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Health and Social Care, Hospitality, Tourism and Sport.

The catchment area for our student population is one of particularly high unemployment: Foyle 8.2%, West Tyrone 6%, East Londonderry 5.8%, (ONS), Donegal 25%

Its own context is delivering vocational education in music and therefore focused on the music industry. In a regional context of high unemployment and a difficult labour market the music industry provides over 100,000 jobs in the UK (BPI statistics) of whom 40% have qualifications at least equivalent to L3 diploma.


NWRC has been delivering music and music technology courses at UK levels 3, 4 and 5 for over fifteen years. The teaching team has grown to five full time and ten-part time lecturers, all of whom are currently active practitioners in the music industry as performers, composers, producers or sound engineers. Currently our student body has approximately 200 full time students in those areas. Along with the growth in courses, NWRC’s resources for teaching have been developed tremendously. Our Foyle Building is just four years old, providing a 130-seat theatre, professional standard recording studio, soundproofed practice rooms and Mac equipped computers suites for music software.

NWRC has been working on joint projects with Finnish partners through most of those fifteen years. A series of Leonardo mobility projects both as sending and as receiving partner has had great success and has given opportunities to dozens of participants over the years to develop vocational skills and to broaden their cultural horizons.



G. Otsa nim Tallinna Muusikakool


G. Otsa nim Tallinna Muusikakool is national school that gives vocational music education. There are around 100 workers and 250 students at school. Students study to become professionals in their study field.


Important part of the studies is different kind of practices, some of which take place at the school, others on bigger kind of stages in more work-like circumstances. Also, studying abroad make a huge positive impact on students` studies.


After graduating many of its students may continue their studies in different academies, some of them go straight to work. Most of the students become soloists or players in the orchestras and different kind of ensembles or singers, conductors, music producers."



Glasgow Kelvin College (GKC)


Part of the new Glasgow Region, GKC is a Further Education College which provides a comprehensive range of education and training through its various market sectors.  The College’s mission statement is to provide “quality learning opportunities for all”.


The College operates from four Campuses across the East and North of the city


GGKC offers programmes ranging from National Certificate through to Higher National Certificate/Higher National Diploma and Degrees.  The college also provides short programmes tailored to meet the needs of specific target groups of client requirements. 

Glasgow Kelvin College delivers a number of community programmes at community outreach locations across the two North Glasgow Community Planning Partnership areas.  These programmes are delivered in partnership with a number of community and voluntary organisations. The College also runs a range of short commercial programmes meeting the needs of employers and staff the length and breadth of the country.


The College has been expanding its programme of international activities in music education in recent years and has delivered a number of projects within the Leonardo and Comenius programmes.  The college has also received its Erasmus University Charter (Erasmus ID – UK Glasgow 20).



Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory   


(Keski-Pohjanmaan konservatorio, is located in the west coast city of Kokkola and has basic level tuition activities also in 10 different communities around the large Central Ostrobothnia region.  The conservatory was founded as music institute in 1966.

Vocational upper secondary education started in 1983 and the conservatory status became in 1988.

The total number of students in music education is around 1600 (including music and dance) from which about 700 gets individual instrumental tuition in music school levels.  In the vocational education, there are regularly 50 students.  In the teaching staff, there are around 100 teachers every semester.

In Kokkola vocational education there are uniquely three musical orientation alternatives (classical, pop/jazz, folk music) in close cooperation with each other.  Kokkola conservatory has played an active role in the previous Musicworks, Finecvet 3 and Nordplus projects.


In Kokkola vocational education there are uniquely three musical orientation alternatives (classical, pop/jazz, folk music) in close cooperation with each other.  There are also three levels (basic music school, secondary vocational education and university of applied arts) of education operating in the same building. Kokkola conservatory has played an active role in the previous Musicworks, Finecvet 3 and Nordplus projects by planning and organizing projects and sending teachers and students.


Connect In Enterprises


Connect In Enterprises is a trading arm of The Connect Community Trust, Connect Entertainment is a wholly owned brand of Connect In Enterprises.

Connect Entertainment is a live music agency which hires out musicians.  Services Connect provide are:


·         Care & Respite Homes.  - Providing Interactive workshops which focus on either, empowerment through music or relaxation through music.

·         Weddings & Events - Connect Entertainment provide wedding bands, classical musicians & jazz musicians for various event types & weddings.

·         Pubs - Connect Entertainment provide musicians who play and sing in pubs and clubs.

·         Restaurants - Connect Entertainment provide instrumental musicians for restaurants.

·         Personal appearances and/or PR & Marketing Campaigns - Connect Entertainment hire out TV and Sports personalities for various corporate & charitable events.


All of Connect Entertainments profits are gifted back into our parent company The Connect Community Trust.

Connect Entertainment has been running operationally for 4 years.  The first 2 years of the company’s origin focused on empowerment through music.  This involved relaxation therapy and mental stimulation in the care & respite sector.  Connect Entertainment work with several large care providers including BUPA, NHS, HCOne Group, Canterbury Care and several other smaller organisations.


Connect-Ent hire out musicians to Hotel Chains, Corporate Companies, Private Functions, Weddings & restaurants through the UK. Connect-Ent's relevance to the project is to provide paid work experience to students while on their exchange in Scotland and conduct music business workshops whilst on exchanges.